5 unforgettable Cape Town foodie experiences

Have you ever travelled to a lodge or area without checking on the quality of the cooking, only to be seriously disappointed after a few days of bland cuisine? We certainly have! With the exception of dedicated foodies, this detail can often go missing in our travel planning.

Amazing food brings the local culture to life beautifully, allowing us to engage with our environment in a more meaningful way. Seasonal foods connect us to the local ecosystem, and inherited recipes reveal much about the history of the people creating them.

For visitors to Cape Town, foodie experiences are varied and absolutely delightful. Ranging from pared down farm-to-table meals right through to world-class fine dining, there really is something for everyone in this cosmopolitan city.  Here is a selection of our ‘Top 5’ offbeat food experiences.

Veld and Sea foraging

Foraging in the wild for foods is a way of

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