5 unmissable destinations in South America

A continent of such vast beauty, rich wildlife and a long, fascinating history, South America is home to a whole host of fantastic destinations. Whether your idea of a perfect holiday is sunning yourself on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, hiking in the footsteps of the Incas to Machu Picchu or embarking on a wildlife cruise to the Galapagos Islands, the soil of South America’s countries have much to offer to adventure travellers. But look between the pages of the popular tourist destinations and you’ll find some fantastic places to experience the raw beauty and uniqueness of this corner of the world without the hordes of tourists. Here are our top five unmissable destinations in South America that you might not have heard of before.

Arequipa, Peru

Peru’s second largest city doesn’t see the same level of visitors as the likes of Lima or Cusco, yet Arequipa captivates those

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