6 activities that celebrate New Zealand’s love affair with wine

When contemplating New Zealand, with its multitude of amazing activities, natural wonders, and stunning scenery, wine may not be the first thing that leaps to mind.

However, New Zealand has long fostered a complex relationship with wine, dating back centuries. The earliest vines were planted here back in the 1800s and kicked off the country’s ongoing fascination with the art of winemaking. As the fledgling viticulture industry grew it began to gather international recognition, fully bursting onto the world stage with the renowned Sauvignon Blanc vintages of the 1980s.

New Zealand wines continue to win international acclaim and awards, bringing home three trophies from the International Wine Challenge in 2018.

Crafted with heart

New Zealand’s love affair with the fruit of the vine continues today and the industry is flourishing, boasting more than 2000 vineyards across the country.

Whether you are a dedicated oenophile looking for the elegantly refined

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