6 amazing South American photography tours

By on Aug 23, 2020 in Antarctic, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Polar Regions, Regions, South America, Uruguay

As the realistic possibility of international travel slowly and carefully comes back to life, travelers can begin to ponder the adventures to come in the not so distant future.

For those considering a dedicated photography tour, South America represents authentic experiential journeys for the beauty of its landscapes, its regions teeming with unsurpassed wildlife, and the cultural wealth of its colorful indigenous communities. Imagine yourself shooting a brilliant sunrise or sunset while discovering the genuine heart of a sacred Inca city with your camera in hand. Accompanied by a private photographer guide, ancient temples, Andean sunrises and sunsets, and Latin American street scenes can be captured through photography.

Here, we have selected not only six photo tours but six life experiences in some of the best photo-tour destinations

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