6 amazing things about Botswana

Back when Prince Harry was wooing his now-wife Meghan Markle, a key ingredient in his recipe for romance was an African safari. More specifically, an African safari in Botswana. Perhaps it was the unparalleled thrill of being in the wild or the romance of the setting he took her to. Perhaps it was the secrecy with which the entire trip unfolded. Perhaps it was the shared magic of an African sunset. Whatever it was, the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended up married… and Botswana will forever be known as a country where real-life princes and princesses fall in love.

But the real magic of this tiny southern African country lies in the stories relatively untold. The remarkable people, places and phenomena. And of those, there are plenty.

1. Five-star, luxurious solitude

Looking to escape the madding crowd, but unwilling to forego creature comforts? (And for ‘creature’

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