6 reasons why everyone should visit Bavaria at Christmas (inc.video)

A land of cuckoo clocks, fairytales, and a festive cheer unlike no other in the world, Bavaria is arguably one of the world’s best places to visit at Christmas. A few weeks ago we took a trip to under-the-radar Regensburg, a university city hailed as the best preserved medieval city in Germany. Although it’s an under-the-radar travel destination it’s actually the best preserved medieval city in Germany and towards the end of November and all of Decemeber, the city – just like the rest of Bavaria – turns into a truly magical place. Here’s why we think everyone should visit Bavaria at least once during the Christmas Season….

The German’s have their own version of Hygge going on

You’ve now probably all heard of the Danish lifestyle craze that roughly translates into a feeling of comfort, contentment and coziness. Well, you may or

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