6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tagaytay

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tagaytay

January 25, 2018

When I was a child, we used to visit Tagaytay City for so many times especially during my grade school days. By that time, most of grade schools were sent out to educational field trips and Tagaytay was always on the list. We went there to see the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines, the Taal Volcano. There are also other spots in the area that the tourists and bakasyonistas should really explore.

A little bit of info for you- Tagaytay City is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. If you’re looking for scenery with cooler temperature, yes, this is the right place for you. Even though Baguio City is also the coolest city in the country, Tagaytay would be the perfect place for you if you don’t want to travel that long. From the heart

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