6 South American adventures waiting in the wings

With 2021 approaching — and the possibilities for safe travel promising to return — even now you can begin considering the possibilities for adventure travel in South America. Why not?

Of course “adventure” means a little something different for each traveler. Those with untamed spirits can find adventure in everything from literally swimming with sharks to trying an adrenaline-pumping sport for the first time.

With rugged terrain, uncharted lands, and plenty of natural beauty, South America offers an array of exciting destinations for adventure travel. What we present here are just a half-dozen of some of our best adventure activities well worth experiencing while exploring this amazing continent.

1. Trekking to Colombia’s “Lost City”

When the first Spanish settlers set up base on Colombia’s northern coast, they aimed to find the untold riches of the legendary Ciudad Perdida (“The Lost City”) – located deep in the jungle on the

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