67 Ways I Saved Enough Money To Travel The World

At age 14 I got my first job as a Yard Girl mucking out stables and filling hay nets on a Saturday morning. I earnt £35 for my efforts and right up until I was 16 I put that money into a savings account that I designated my ‘horse fund’.

Oh how times have changed.

Whilst the 14 year old me had no clue that a decade later she would be travelling the world full time, house sitting and scuba diving her way through each new country. The 30 year old me sitting here wishes she hadn’t spent the money she had worked so hard to earn on clothes, shoes, and nights out during sixth form.

It would have made a great addition to the travel fund I started aged 21.

So how did I save enough money to travel the world?

The truth is that when I started thinking seriously

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