7 beautiful reasons to visit the Adirondack Mountains – America’s best kept secret

Being a Brit I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard much about the Adirondack Mountains before my visit, well apart from the semi-schlocky killer-animal flick Lake Placid which is set in the area of course (okay that’s even more embarrassing to admit). But to New Yorkers and beyond, this is bonafide backcountry – a place adorned with glorious towering peaks, deep pine forests, and vast silvery lakes, providing some of the most wild-feeling terrain in the east. After a flight from London and a stay in Montreal I drove across the border and took an easy three hour drive to the mountainous area where towards the end of my journey the region’s juxtaposition to the grey densely packed buildings of the second-most populous city in Canada was undeniably climatic. The seemingly unending wilderness stretched out before me like a dreamscape and after a weeks stay there, I was hooked. I longed not

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