7 beautifully convincing reasons why Belize should be your next destination

Perched on the eastern coast of Central America, with beautiful Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense lush jungle to the west, Belize’s is slowly rising through the ranks to become a must-see destination for independent travellers to this corner of the globe. Sparsely populated but friendly and welcoming with numerous hotels, restaurants and a reliable public transport system, it’s also becoming an increasingly easier place to visit. The scenery is also truly spectacular with thick tropical forests enveloping much of the country’s southern and western regions flanked by the imposing Maya Mountains and superb sandy beaches and a sublime tropical underworld just waiting to be explored! Our guest blogger and  Belize fan Travasha from Lifeofasassystew.com gives us her reasons why this extraordinary country should be on everyone’s travel list…

The sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a guilty pleasure for many people, even if you’re not a morning person. With

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