7 luxury rainforest retreats

By on Jun 28, 2019 in Accommodation, Africa, Asia, Belize, Brazil, Central America, Ecuador, Hotels, Malaysia, Regions, Resorts, Rwanda, South America, Thailand, Worldwide

Everybody knows the rainforests and jungles are disappearing fast. And while we need to protect the ones that are still left, it is also possible to enhance and experience them while still retaining high levels of luxury. I named a few below as I do believe they are setting the example of how we can embrace the impenetrable rainforests across the globe.

Keemala, Thailand

On the tropical island of Phuket you can find this hidden gem in the middle of the lush jungle. While the villas blend in perfectly with the nature which surrounds them, the level of luxury and comfort is very much 21st century. There are several different styles of villas, going from the tree pool houses all to way to actual bird’s

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