7 Mistakes in Planning Destination Wedding You Should Avoid

Added by on July 23, 2017

An ideal wedding is an ultimate, cherished dream of every bride (and the bridegroom, we strongly believe!), so starting any wedding preparations, you should be ready to overcome a number of hurdles to your perfect, memorable day. While most of the trouble and hassle can usually be transferred to the firm shoulders of a high-paid wedding planner, and the risks can be minimized if you start planning long in advance, there are still some unexpected issues a destination wedding may conceal. Just fancy it: while you are at home (or at least in some large city, a familiar place with numerous facilities, services, and a well-developed wedding catering industry), you can quickly adjust to some unexpected, unpleasant changes and face the challenge. As soon as you come to some distant, exotic island or any other destination all

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