7 of Africa’s must-stay private islands

There is something particularly romantic about the idea of a deserted island, a place untouched untouched by urbanisation and the hassles of everyday life. Crystal clear waters, white beaches, and peace and quiet beckon. But though a Robinson Crusoe-style shipwreck might appeal to some, most of us prefer to stay with rather more of life’s luxuries around us. We’ve therefore sought out Africa’s most exclusive private islands where you have all the benefits of a desert island, combined with every comfort.

North Island, Seychelles

Time and again North Island has won awards for its exclusivity, its conservation efforts, and its remarkable natural beauty. There are just 11 villas on the island, all made from natural materials and perfectly in keeping with the landscape. Guests have the opportunity to learn about the incredible wildlife – in particular indigenous flora, Seychelles blue pigeon, and Hawksbill and green turtle – from the Environmental

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