7 reasons to visit Geneva’s free art party

It is one of the world’s great free arts events: a rare chance for artist and audience to meet face to face. Geneva’s Quartier des Bains, once mundanely named as its public baths were the most noteworthy feature, is now Switzerland’s stylish response to New York’s arty SoHo.

Three times a year in March, May and September, 14 contemporary art galleries simultaneously launch new exhibitions – La Nuit des Bains.  For three hours, between 6pm and 9pm, the galleries open their doors, offer complimentary drinks and welcome huge numbers of art fans. Not surprisingly around 3,000 visitors pack into an area little larger than a football pitch. The next event is on Thursday 17th May 2018.

Many of the galleries have the artists on hand to talk about their work. For the artists that three-hour window is their best opportunity to sell.  But they are artists, a diverse and

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