7 Things I Wish I Knew About Florida Before Arriving

Without a doubt, Florida is a lot of fun. Know what to expect before you go. Each region has it’s own feel.

In my next book What the Florida, I’ve broken Florida down into the four regions you see above. The panhandle region (in blue) tends to be very similar to Alabama and Georgia north of it — in other words, don’t be surprised to hear a southern drawl. The northern region (in green) tended to have more Floridian natives, while the middle and southern regions (in pink and orange) has a lot of snowbirds that come to Florida during the winter months.

Parking varies from city to city — and block to block

Plenty of meters need to be fed — and naturally there are plenty of meter maids handing out tickets across the state. Whether you’re from the States or visiting from abroad, assume any parking spot

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