7 top Ecuadorian haciendas for stays in 2021

Here, in the pint-sized South American nation of Ecuador, 2021 will see the continued opening to some of the most amazing — yet safe — nature vacations. Situated well away from the congested cities and crowds that you might prefer to avoid are several luxurious haciendas – jewels in South America’s crown with breathtaking landscapes and a vibrant culture to match.

The Ecuadorian Andes are peppered with such haciendas that showcase jaw-dropping views and celebrate the country’s rich heritage at the same time. Here, we have rounded up some of our favorite hacienda hotels in Ecuador.

1. Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

Located on its very own hacienda (country estate) and built on the actual site of an Inca temple, San Augustin de Callo is steeped in history. Where else can a traveler dine within still-standing Inca walls, complete with the niches that held statues of their ancestral gods?

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