7 top tips for hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland

By on Nov 14, 2019 in Arctic, Attractions, Europe, Going Out, Iceland, Photography, Polar Regions, Regions, Travel Equipment, Western Europe

Years of hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland with a strong background in science has given me the skill and understanding to know 100% of the time when it’s worth going out searching for them.

Just kidding!

It’s still incredibly difficult to predict, despite my acute knowledge of the forecasts. And just as difficult to understand how it happens at all, despite my extensive research.

My previous article on the Northern Lights focused a lot on ‘how to avoid disappointment when hunting the northern lights’. This article focuses more on teaching you a little and giving you some good hints and tips when you do find yourself out there on the hunt. When I’m running tours that include a night of Northern Lights hunting, usually after a

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