7 Wildest Bucks Party Ideas & Activities to Do in Brisbane

Added by on December 28, 2018

Brisbane is one of the best places to host a bucks party with your boys in Australia. Traditionally, bucks parties have been organised with strippers, topless bartenders, and a lot of booze. These parties give you a chance to meet with your spouse’s friends and enjoy a good time. There are many great bucks party ideas in Brisbane, and they all offer unique experiences. Here are some of the best ideas for bucks day in Brisbane:

1. Take a Poker Cruise

A poker cruise is great for poker enthusiasts. If your friends love the rush of a gamble, then these cruises are exactly what you need. Once you purchase a ticket to these poker cruises, you will get free beer, wines, soft drinks, and food throughout the entire cruise. Typically, if you book a bucks cruise package with an agency, the drinks

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