8 attractions to visit for an unforgettable trip to Egypt

With a fraction of what you would normally spend on a trip to Europe, we promise you that you can enjoy a luxurious trip to Egypt, one of the most historical and cultural countries in the world. Discover some of the most amazing attractions and learn all there is to know about the mesmerizing history of Egypt. We will talk about eight attractions and everything you can experience while you’re there.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Opening in 2020, the Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the ministry’s largest projects because it’s setting the record for being the biggest museum in the world today; covering 5,200,000 square feet, it cost 795 million USD to build. The museum will hold many artifacts that will be seen for the first time, ever. Labs can also be found inside the Grand Egyptian Museum which work on restoring monuments, such as the golden coffin of

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