8 beautiful and meaningful gifts for travellers

It’s always tricky to buy gifts for those wayward friends who never stay put for longer than a few months at a time. You want to find them something practical, unique and most importantly something they can take with them to remind them of you wherever they may land. To help with those tricky buys we have put together a cheeky little list of gorgeous and meaningful gifts for travellers, we hope it helps!

Tingly Gift Box

As intrepid travellers we know that a magical experience is worth a million wrappable presents and over at Tingly they agree. Buy a very special person a very special Tingly gift box from as little as £59 and give them something they will never forget. Check out all the wonderful things on offer on the website www.tingly.com, you’ll find everything from Pizza Making to Underwater Hotels and it’s so easy… you just

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