8 Egyptian pyramids you didn't know about

8 Egyptian pyramids you didn’t know about By on May 24, 2022 in Africa, Attractions, Egypt, Going Out, Regions

The Egyptian pyramids are masonry buildings that date back to ancient Egypt. At least 118 Egyptian pyramids have been identified. The pyramid is unquestionably Egypt’s most famous monument throughout history. Pyramid-shaped masonry constructions are symbolic and significant in Egyptian culture, and they are now among the country’s top tourist attractions. Historians have discovered approximately 100 pyramids in Egypt, the majority of which comes from the Old and Middle Kingdom eras of Egyptian history.

Giza is home to the largest and best-known of the Egyptian pyramids. The Giza Plateau, however, isn’t the only location where you may see historic pyramids. These ancient structures can be found all around Egypt, and many travelers take the opportunity to see as many as they can during their

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