8 hygge-esque restaurants to visit in Copenhagen

Denmark is known for their simple, ultra-modern Scandinavian designs, “hygge” atmospheres and trendy fashion sense. If you haven’t heard of the popular Danish word “hygge”, it’s used to describe the mood of feeling cosy, comfortable and content. While visiting the country’s capital city of Copenhagen, I was in awe of just how “hygge” the entire city felt. Copenhagen has easily become one of my favourite cities in Europe for multiple reasons, but mostly because of the insanely cosy interiors which made our restaurant experiences even more enjoyable and unforgettable. So, without further ado, here are 8 Hygge Restaurants that are truly worth a visit in Copenhagen…

Den Gule Cottage (The Yellow Cottage)

Nestled in the park along Bellevue Beach sits the quaint and charming restaurant, Den Gule Cottage. Upon walking in you are immediately flooded with the “hygge” presence as the cottage is pristinely staged with elegant place

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