8 of the best destinations for April and May

By on Dec 08, 2018 in Africa, Asia, Bhutan, Botswana, Europe, Italy, Japan, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Peru, Portugal, Regions, South America, Spain, Western Europe

There are some places where Spring is the best time of year to visit. Maybe the landscape is popping with color, maybe it’s the should seasons when few other travelers share the trails and towns. Perhaps the weather is near-ideal for being active outdoors. Sometimes it’s all of the above—a perfect triad. Whatever the reason, if spring is when you are planning your next vacation, or if you’re flexible and spring is an option, here are eight of the best destinations around the world for April or May travel.

Bhutan in April

The mountainous areas of Bhutan have pronounced rainy and dry seasons. Most tours do not even run in the rainy season as the dirt roads that crisscross the country become miserable mud

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