8 reasons to visit the Isle of Wight, UK

8 reasons to visit the Isle of Wight, UK By on Apr 23, 2023 in Accommodation, Attractions, Europe, Going Out, Hotels, Regions, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Although the Isle of Wight only consists of a mere 147 square miles in many ways it is England in miniature. Visitors are impressed by the beaches, the downs, the forests, the acres of pasture and, of course, the iconic Needles.

Renting a house in Ventnor, Karl Marx described the place as a paradise. Charles Dickens was also impressed. Staying at Bonchurch, he wrote to his wife, “It is the prettiest place I ever saw in my life.” While Tennyson thought that the island’s invigorating air was “worth six pence a pint.” JMR Turner, the great painter of light, was frequently drawn to the island for its sweeping views.

1. Cruising across

Ferries have sailed

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