8 romantic things to do in south-east Sicily

Today we will take you to South-eastern Sicily. Thanks to its flavors and colors, the region lends itself to wonderful love stories and legends over time. Here we recommend some romantic spots – and pots – in south-eastern Sicily for you to discover with your loved ones.

Sicilian love stories… in a pot!

Sicilian art is full of romantic stories and particularly in the so-called Teste di Moro, ceramic vases depicting the head of a Moor and a beautiful Sicilian woman. Have you ever seen them before? The legend says that around the year 1100 D.C. a beautiful girl from Palermo lived locked up in the house taking care of the plants on her balcony and one day, she was seen by a young Moor who fell in love with her. However, the Moor had a family in his homeland and when he revealed this news to the girl,

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