9 Bucket List Hikes For Real Adventure Junkies

Added by on November 20, 2018

All hikers agree that their chosen hobby is a universally brilliant one. Hiking is one of those special activities that allows you to see so many amazing parts of the world and accomplish some of the most physically demanding challenges on the globe. We thought that we’d help all you adventure-loving hikers out with a guide to our 9 bucket list hikes for adventure junkies.

Besseggen Ridge, Norway

Besseggen Ridge is simply one of the best hikes in all of Europe. It’s probably Norway’s most famous mountain and includes adrenaline-filled parts of the hike. At some points, you are staring down into glaciers and bright blue glacial lakes. It is simply thrilling.

You’ll never forget how the views from Besseggen made you feel.

Lion’s Head, South Africa

The beautiful country of South Africa is home to Lion’s Head in Cape Town. This

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