9 fabulous winter adventures to indulge in Alberta, Canada (even if you don’t ski)!

Arriving in Alberta’s section of the Rockies, arguably the most picture-postcard perfect area in Canada, the first thing that strikes me is that everyone should visit this part of the world at least once in their lifetime. Such a shame it would be to never set eyes on mountains this majestic, witness skies this blue (when the clouds disappear…), inhale air this fresh.

With stunning peaks all around, winter seems like an ideal time to explore this adventurers paradise. How is it, then, that around 75% of the areas visitors currently come in summer? And what happens if you love the ancient snow-capped mountains, just not the idea of hurling yourself down them on a pair of skis or a snowboard? Well, lucky for you, the Albertans have thought of that too and developed a wealth of alternative activities to keep you amused, enthralled and entertained whether you’re staying for

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