9 gorgeous under-the-radar things to do in Venice for travel snobs

Venice is proving to be on the up and up among travel snobs but it is more than just bridges, gondolas and the fabled home of Casanova. Look beneath the glossy reflection and find discover some fabulous gems waiting to be explored. Let the countdown begin!

Visit Burano Island 

Dubbed one of the most colourful places in the world, Burano is an island in Venice that time forgot. The brightly coloured houses whose reflections glimmer in the waters of the Venetian lagoon but it’s is the intricate tradition of lace-making that sets this island apart from the others, like Murano (of glass-making fame!). When you step off the boat on the shore, you will be greeted by elderly ladies drawing you into their shops to show off their beautiful lace goods. As well as wonderful, scenic places to eat or have an espresso, the island also has its own

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