9 great ‘family-bubble vacations’ in Ecuador

As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19 and borders gradually start to open, families are increasingly anxious to again set out exploring the world.

However, these intrepid souls are much more cognizant of the need for destinations that make it easy to maintain social distancing, avoid public transportation and evade crowded tourist areas. In this same view, preferred sites focus on remoteness and outdoor activities where travelers are less likely to come into contact with others. Additionally, travel in one’s own “bubble” of family members increases the possibility of safe and secure vacationing.

These factors make the distant-yet-awesome South American nation of Ecuador (and its Galapagos Islands) ideal for privately chartered family vacations as we return to the long-awaited post-pandemic “old normal.”

As this out-of-the-way land cradles an astonishing array of contrasting landscapes, wildlife, and adventure activities, we have selected nine of the best Ecuadorian vacations that we’re sure

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