9 Reasons Why a Ski Trip is the Perfect Winter Girlfriend Getaway

It’s winter. It’s cold. And dark. Tempted to crawl under a blanket, watch episodes of “This is Us” and text your friends? Why not make a date with your besties instead and take a girls ski trip. You can do all the girlfriend getaway things you love – shop, spa, cocktails – and add in the thrill of whooshing down a spectacular, snow covered mountain. Spending time outdoors in winter is a proven mood booster. Doing it with your friends? It’ll make your January feel like May.

Enjoying fresh air and sunshine with your best friend will chase away the winter blues – a great reason to book a winter girlfriend getaway! Photo: The Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association (SkiPA)/Whitetail Resort

It’s easy to book a girls trip when the weather is warm and the sun’s shining. But don’t put off the fun until spring. A trip to a

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