9 things the locals do in Pembrokeshire

When in Pembrokeshire, it’s not necessarily finding something to do that is the issue, more than finding the absolute best things to do. At Quality Cottages, we give you the secret insights to what it is that the locals do in Pembrokeshire.

Being based in this county, we have the insider knowledge that lets you roam the wild west of Wales, and do as the locals do. Here’s some things you can get up to and that you definitely do not want to miss.

1. Take a walk at Strumble Head

This remote headland on the north coast of Pembrokeshire is as wild and rugged as they come. Renown for its imposing cliffs and picturesque lighthouse, the headland is a breathtaking expanse of rolling hills, craggy coastline and flourishing wildlife. There’s a designated Observation Hut on top of the cliffs for visitors to set up shop with a

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