9 ways to find true romance in Africa

If it’s not said at sunset, in Africa, on horseback, is it even love? Unless, of course, adrenaline is what shakes you and your partner to the core. Either way, Africa offers a multitude of ways to experience romance like you never have before. Find true romance in Africa, with these 9 unique ways to say “I love you” – safari style.

1. Take to the skies

When most people think about taking a trip to Africa, they immediately think of safaris, and why not? Safaris offer you the opportunity to see the land and the animals up close in a way that you will likely never forget. But there is also something to be said for the bird’s eye view.

Enter hot air ballooning across the plains, grasslands and deserts of Africa.

Setting off in the soft light of early dawn, you will soar above

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