9 Ways to Spend a Weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne isn’t always the first place that pops into your mind when you think about planning a weekend getaway in the Midwest.  But it should be. A hidden gem known mostly to devoted Vera Bradley fans, a weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities amidst the charm and friendliness you expect from the Midwest.

Bench near the Wells Street Bridge – part of a collection commissioned from local artists. Photo by Dani Schnakenberg.

For Midwesterners, it can often feel like a big hassle to get away for a weekend.  While one of the beautiful things about the Midwest is its wide-open spaces, that can also limit the options for someone looking for a quick weekend getaway with the family.  Once you’ve blown through the obvious places like Kansas City, Saint Louis, and Chicago, it’s time to look at the hidden gems, and

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