98% Off Photography Bundle: This Week Only!

For the first time ever, I’m offing a major discount on my online travel photography training course: The Travel Photography Academy.

In addition to that, you can get 20 other photography courses and ebooks covering a wide range of subjects in photography, including food photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, film photography, composition, lighting, iPhone photography, and many more topics.

The complete list includes:

The Capture Course
Value: $147.00
by Lindsay Davenport

iPhone Photography Course
Value: $49.00
by Haus of Layne

All About Bad Lighting
Value: $49.00
by Justin & Mary

A Practical Engagement Course
Value: $97.00
by Abby Grace

The Wedding Course
Value: $229.00
by Julie Paisley

Sweet Expectations Course
Value: $189.00
by The Milky Way

Newborn & Family Photography
Value: $99.00
by Sandra Coan

Photograph Little Ones with Your Phone
Value: $69.00
by Katie Lamb

Boudoir Photography Guide
Value: $78.99
by Jen Huang

Food Photography Masterclass
Value: $199.00
by We Eat Together

GoPro Shooting Course
Value: $60.00
by Chubby Cheek Photography

Product Styling Course
Value: $247.00
by Jennifer Carroll


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