A cheese lover’s guide to Barcelona

As a country, many consider Spain a relatively lesser-known nation of cheese compared to its European brothers and sisters, and although it may not host as many dairy delights as its French neighbours, Spain does offer its very own unique variety of tasty cheeses.

Cheese trading in Spain dates all the way back to the start of our modern era, where the smoked cheeses of Northern Spain were sold in Rome. By the 13th century, Spanish cheese trading had even reached Britain, in particular the Mahón cheese from the Balearic Island of Menorca.

Perhaps the country’s most famous cheese is its queso Manchego, a cheese that can be dated all the way back to the Bronze Age. History has it that Manchego was created when the inhabitants of the La Mancha region mastered the art of making cheese using sheep’s milk. The cheese then became even more popular after it

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