A definition of ‘luxury travel’ and ‘luxury travelers’

By on Mar 17, 2019 in Travel Miscellany

Most luxury travelers choose the most exclusive cabin class and the most luxurious hotels when they travel; you might think retired adults dominate this industry but also young professionals are looking for luxurious, private and out-of-the-ordinary experiences when they travel. Away from mass tourism and regular hotels this industry is growing very rapidly.

So, what is a luxury traveler?

The perceptions of what is luxury are different according to the culture, society and socioeconomic situation from which the traveler comes from. Having clients from all over the world, I see the differences a lot!

What for some is normal, for others it can be considered luxury. However, luxury travel is related to traveling without stress, without haste or routines. Be taken care of, enjoying unique and enriching experiences that exceed the expectations created. I consider luxury travel to be a

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