A First Look at Patagonia in Bariloche

I’d finally made it. After almost 24 hours on a bus from Mendoza, I’d arrived in Bariloche, Argentina. My first destination in Patagonia. After hearing about how much of a hot spot Bariloche was, I had high hopes for my experience and it certainly lived up to the hype.

Why Bariloche?

I loved Bariloche for everything it was, but even more for everything it wasn’t. Living in and out of hostels means between the sightseeing and learning about the culture of a place, there was also a bit of backpacker partying. I’d left behind the free wine at 7 pm at my hostel in Mendoza – not that I was complaining about that – and finally was getting back into the swing of adventure. Being in Patagonia meant two exciting things for me: mountains and hiking.

I knew I’d love Bariloche for its chocolate and resort town vibe, but

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