A Guide to Visiting the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan

It was a rainy day in November but the cloudy and gray sky, combined with half-destroyed buildings and ghostly railway tracks, seemed like the ideal scenario for photography.

I was wandering around industrial warehouses with broken windows and rusted Soviet machinery. I bumped into a Lenin bust which was surrounded by weeds and located in what seemed to be the main area of hanging out in the industrial park.

From there, I could also see the great Aralsk harbor, composed of massive cranes, also rusty, and built on the shore of a gigantic, deserted and horrifying plain.

There was absolutely no one around but that enormous complex was the real proof that, back in its day, Aralsk had been a prosper and vivid city.

However, today, all I could see was a semi-abandoned and hostile town caused by the worst man-made natural disaster.

Abandoned Railroad Tracks in Aralsk Table of

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