A lighthearted guide to staying in dorms

Although I swore I was done with dorms after the last time I stayed in one (Istanbul, April 2013, when I was woken up by a bunch of drunk Australians at 4:30am), I was visiting Copenhagen last weekend on a budget, and I chose to stay in a dorm again, in order to keep my costs down.

Now I’ve never really been a great fan of staying in dorms, even in my early twenties.  I’m not a particularly trusting individual (I don’t automatically give you my trust; you have to earn it).  I’m wary of people until I get to know them.  I don’t just assume that if I leave my phone charging while I pop down to breakfast, it will necessarily still be there when I return.

I’m also an introvert.  Don’t get my wrong, I can be a really sociable person.  People interest me.  I love finding common

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