A luxe vacation that makes a difference

A luxe vacation that makes a difference By on Apr 26, 2023 in Accommodation, Asia, Hotels, Indonesia, Regions, Resorts

Treat yourself to a luxurious tropical vacation or share the wealth and do good for people and the planet? Guests at one of Indonesia’s most idyllic destinations don’t have to choose between these options. At Wakatobi Resort they enjoy five-star service, gourmet dining, iconic accommodations, and exclusive access to some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world. And while they are savoring the relaxations of their stay, the business they generate for the resort is working behind the scenes to protect marine life and provide income and social benefits to local communities.

First, let’s talk about the luxury side of the equation. Wakatobi sits on a small, scenic island that’s far from crowds, city lights and any other reminders of the outside world. But

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