A map of where to find the most vegetarian friendly countries in the world

With the huge rise of plant-based diets, vegetarians and vegans have never had it so good. Although as I non-meat eater I know it’s not always to travel the world with the particular set of ethics – many countries still very much centre their culture around meat and it’s not always easy to find food on the go. To help your choose your travel destination in 2018, the lovely folks at Oliver’s Travels (the unique and quirky villa specialists) have rounded up the most veggie-friendly countries around the world so all your globetrotting can be a delicious adventure.

The list takes three factors into account, the overall Global Vegetarian Index Score for each nation is based on average meat consumption per capita, the number of vegetarian restaurants available and the number of restaurants in relation to population size. Find out which countries topped the list…

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