A Return to Colmar, France

While we’ve visited Colmar before, back in 2017, we decided to head back to this city in the Alsace region of France with our pal, Bev, last time we were visiting her in Germany.

Colmar is a center of Alsatian culture and a very pretty, historic town, and we always like spending a day looking at its architecture, eating its food, and just sort of wandering around.

So, that said, let’s see some pictures from a town you should definitely visit when you’re in the region.

Colmar is full of canals as well, so it’s always enjoyable to just sit next to one and watch the boats and life go by.

In the midst of all that ambling around, we stopped by a traditional Alsatian restaurant for lunch. Yums!

After that fill-up, it was best to walk around some more

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