A Return to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Yes, we took another visit to one of our favorite cities: Grand Rapids, Michigan! Actually, we visited three times (!!!) this year to hang out in the town, and to see some good friends who call this place home.

Naturally, we also visited Beer City USA to swing through some more of its yummy breweries. Part of this is due to our affection for craft beer, but also for our Hopsmash project.

The first time we went this year, it was still cold out. We made the mistake of heading back to the Midwest in April, which is almost never a good idea if you hate winter. And, as Professional Winter Avoiders™, we definitely hate winter!

Ang’s feet were very displeased. 🙁

Fortunately, it was a bit warmer when we returned for our second visit in May, and definitely nice and hot for our third visit in August. I’ve

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