A road trip adventure in Newquay, Cornwall with a MokkaX (inc.video)

Newquay has always had a special place in my heart. Although it was quite a few (well many) years back now, it was the place I took my first holiday away with just friends and it was a dreamy two weeks filled with long sunny days, combi van lined cliff tops, surfer spotting from fine white sandy beaches and enough trips to dance clubs it could have easily given Ibiza a run for its money. Possessing an almost Mediterranean holiday vibe, when the sun is shining it’s a place you can’t quite believe exists in England. So when Vauxhall challenged us to see how much fun we can have in their new MokkaX, it wasn’t a hard decision to decide where to go – I had wanted to make a return nostalgia trip for many years now. The car’s motto is “it’s your life go drive it” so accompanied

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