A Simple Way to Raise Money for a Honeymoon

Added by on January 22, 2018

When soon to be married couples think about going on their dream honeymoon, they often get excited about the prospects of this amazing vacation, yet it’s also depressing for many because an exotic honeymoon is often too expensive for a newly married couple just starting their lives together. But that doesn’t mean these future married couples should give up on their dream. On the contrary, they just need to change their approach toward paying for their honeymoon.

If you know you’re going to have trouble coming up with enough cash to pay for this fantastic adventure, it’s time to consider crowdfunding as a viable option. Instead of asking for traditional wedding gifts like silverware, plates, and towels, set up a crowdfunding page on Honeyfund.com and ask your wedding guests to give you a monetary gift as an alternative.

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