A total solar eclipse in Antarctica

A total solar eclipse is phenomenal in itself; observing it from Antarctica makes it even more special. An unparalleled adventure, where the world can’t find you…

When the sun, moon and earth are aligned, the sun is covered by the moon from one spot on earth. That part of the earth is then obscured by the moon; an astronomical phenomenon known as a solar eclipse. On 4 December 2021, a total solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica. One more reason to explore this unique part of the world.

Earth’s southernmost

For many, Antarctica evokes the image of endless ice fields and immense cold. Only heroic explorers and reckless adventurers venture there. But Antarctica has much more to offer! It is the southernmost and strangest continent on earth. Nature is still untouched due to the absence of humans. The largest part of Antarctica lies under a kilometre-thick icecap. The

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