A week in Cartagena, Colombia

A beautiful gem in Colombia, Cartagena is a vibrant port city on Colombia’s scenic Caribbean coast filled with gorgeous beaches, a 16th Old Town lined with colourful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, and surrounded by idyllic paradise-esque islands and coral reefs. Our guest bloggers The Nomad Bears advise how to spend a week in this fascinating and easy-on-the-eye corner of South America…

Downtown Cartagena

The downtown of Cartagena is famous for its pastel colors and old world architecture. The city core is surrounded by seven miles of imposing stone walls city center and is a UNESCO world heritage site for its significance in the Spanish empire and unique architecture. The city can get very hot during the day, with temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees throughout the year. We recommend you take an evening stroll to the walls to watch the sunset and then walk the corridors of the old

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