A weekend exploring Edinburgh and beyond – history, culture and quirky cafes

Spectacularly perched on a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags, Scotland’s famous capital city is justifiably proud and noble city. Instantly visually striking, friendly, lively – there’s a thriving tight-knit local scene of music, art and theatre – and sublimely elegant in equal measures, there’s not a city in the world quite like it. That’s not forgetting to mention its rich and varied – and often macabre – world famous history which is still strongly evident as you wander along its network of granite grey medieval alleyways and labyrinthine of cobbled streets.

Edinburgh is a city I know I’ll never tire of and it’s a place each time I visit I always discover something new. On this visit, I was there to find out more about Edinburgh’s 101 objects. Like a treasure hunt of sorts, the project is designed to help both locals and visitors immerse themselves in the city’s colourful

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