A whole other world in paradise: Exploring Palau with scuba-centric luxury yacht Black Pearl

Nature has given urban dwellers some great surprises under lockdown, and if this has inspired you to see what else there is in the untouched parts of the world, then luxury yacht Black Pearl is a sensational treat amongst the charter grounds surrounding Palau.

This Micronesian island is nestled in the sapphire blue waters of the Indian Ocean, where rays, turtles, sharks, migrating whales and dolphins are all possible encounters in addition to 2,000 fish species and 300 kinds of coral. The Rock Islands archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for the inland saltwater lake filled with stingless jellyfish that visitors of all ages can snorkel with, plus there’s the ‘Milky Way’, where a limestone mud creates a natural spa treatment.

Long Lake is a must-see for its baby spotted eagle rays, feather tail stingrays, giant clams and turtles, while endemic birds such as kingfishers, the Palauan flycatchers

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